We are excited to share our first national advertising campaign in nearly ten years: Do More with Viator, complete with three brand new commercials currently airing on select channels and platforms in the U.S. and on Youtube.

The Do More with Viator campaign centers on the unforgettable memories and connections made possible through our 300,000+ unique experiences – the experiences that you, our operators, so expertly provide. Behind every experience, there’s a story, and our new commercials aim to tell those stories. From bonding with your sister, to reconnecting with your daughter, to reigniting romance, we want travelers to know that they’ll always be able to do more with Viator.

Sister, Sister

Two sisters end up on what was supposed to be a romantic couple’s trip to Paris. After an unexpected break-up, we see the sisters sailing down the Seine river on a what is meant to be a romantic cruise, realizing this is the best vacation they’ve ever had, with memories they’ll laugh about as they grow old.


A couple goes on a trip to Norway to take a tour through Trollstigen (yes, that’s a real place). Somehow, amongst hilarious troll statues, they begin to bicker and start missing out on some of the great sights. Then, the couple receives some invaluable advice from a troll Viator guide, which changes the tone for the rest of the trip.

Grand Tetons

A mother and teenage daughter go on a hiking tour of the Grand Tetons national park. Throughout the experience, the daughter acts like a stereotypical moody teenager, annoyed by her mom almost the entire time. That is until she suddenly loses her footing and her mom is there to catch her. The tone of the rest of the hike changes for the better, both realizing what an unforgettable experience they are sharing, holding hands the rest of the way.

Read more about the Do More with Viator campaign here.

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