Curious about the differences between Viator, Tripadvisor, and Tripadvisor Experiences? This piece outlines everything you need to know about the brands and how it affects your business.

In the past, we understand that operators may have been confused about the differences between Viator, Tripadvisor, and Tripadvisor Experiences. We haven’t made it clear enough how the three brands are related, and more importantly how that impacts where your tours and activities are sold. In this article, we’ll answer your questions about the relationship between these three brands. 

Let’s start with Viator. Viator is the world’s largest online marketplace for tours, activities, and attractions. Viator is a Tripadvisor company and was acquired by Tripadvisor in 2014.

When you sell your tours and activities on Viator, they’re automatically distributed and sold on Viator’s over 3,500 partner network, too. This means your products may also appear on our partners’ sites like Tripadvisor, as well as airlines, hotels, travel publications, and more. One Viator listing gives you access to millions of travelers around the world via Viator, Tripadvisor, and our vast network of partners.

Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel website. Travelers can research, plan and book their whole trip on Tripadvisor, from flights and accommodations to in-destination activities like dining and – yes – tours, activities and attraction tickets. Over 8.7 million businesses worldwide have a Tripadvisor listing. When you sell your tours and activities on Viator, your inventory is also automatically distributed and sold on Tripadvisor (your products make up much of what is on Tripadvisor’s “Things To Do” pages.) Simply put: Tripadvisor is part of Viator’s distribution network. As an operator selling on Viator, you’re automatically also selling to Tripadvisor users, too.

Now, let’s talk about Tripadvisor Experiences. This brand was introduced in 2018 and is the name for the part of Tripadvisor that sells tours, activities and attractions tickets (the ‘Things to Do’ pages on Tripadvisor). It’s also the brand we’ve primarily used to communicate with you in emails, on this blog, and in your Management Center.  This is now changing as we refocus and reinvigorate the Viator brand. 

This means, moving forward, you’ll now see our communications to you, including our Operator Resources blog and your Management Center, branded as Viator instead of Tripadvisor Experiences. Your products have always been a part of the Viator marketplace. This will not change how we do business with you and there’s no need to update anything on your end. Your products will continue to be distributed on Viator, Tripadvisor, the Travel Agent Program and our network of distribution partners.

Our goal is to provide travelers with the highest quality experiences, and work closely with you to form a partnership that brings those activities to the world. Viator will continue to promote your products on its network, including Tripadvisor. In the coming months, we’ll be branding all communications channels to Viator. The resources you visit – like your Management Center and this blog you’re reading right now – will be rebranded as Viator. Again, don’t worry, our rebrand will not impact how we work with you or where your tours and activities are sold. 

We’re extremely excited about the future of Viator, and we hope you are too. We’re moving to a marketplace that values quality over anything else. Because that means we not only give travelers what they want memorable experiences but it gives operators like you a better chance to stand out among the crowd. 

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