4 Ways to Build a Sustainable Water-based Activity Business: For Sightseeing Cruises, Sailing Experiences & Boat Tour Operators

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The sailing, sightseeing cruise, and boating tour space saw a 44% growth from 2017 to 2018. This industry is on the rise and consumers are taking to the water to experience everything these tours have to offer. Here are four tips for operators to ensure their business is sustainable—not just for the environment but for long-term success. Sustainability leads to more bookings, happier customers, and great reviews!

How To Sell Tours Online With Viator: Creating Activity Products & Attraction Tickets For Travelers To Book

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Get your tours and activities online with Viator, the world's leading marketplace for operators. Create a bookable product, which is your actual activity that travelers see when browsing things to do in your area. We’ll give you tips on how to write intriguing product titles and descriptions, use gorgeous photos, and setting your availability so that travelers have all the information they need to send you a booking.

Ask A Pro: Photography Tips For Your Experiences Products

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Industry data shows that having at least 6-9 high-quality photos for each product can significantly increase the chances of securing a booking. Your photos reveal to potential customers what really makes your tours special. In this photography tutorial, learn techniques from Viator’s in-house photographer and photo expert that will help you take better photos for your website, OTA product pages, and social media channels.

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