Catch a recording of our webinar “Cost Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Operators” below, and see the answers to some extra questions we weren’t able to answer during the live webinar.

On April 30th we hosted a webinar called “Cost Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Tour Operators.” Our panel discussed how to build your brand through social media, why Instagram is your friend, getting started with Facebook Ads, building a beautiful website, monitoring your website’s performance, and using email as an effective marketing tool. At the end of the webinar there was also time for a question & answer session where operators wrote in and asked the experts for their opinions on a wide variety of topics.

If you were unable to attend the webinar but would still like to see these tips for taking your digital marketing strategy to the next level, please click the link below.

Extra Questions and Answers

While we were able to get to a handful of questions during the live webinar, we received a lot more questions than we were able to answer. Because there were so many questions, we didn’t want to just leave them on the cutting room floor. So below we’ve picked out the best questions we weren’t able to get to and have answered them.

Q: How can we manage to promote our brand or tours on social media when we are so uncertain on when we will be operational?

A: It is absolutely an uncertain time right now for the travel industry, but we do know one thing: travel¬†will return. Right now is a good time to be using social media to build your brand because consumers are hungry to travel again. So the moment things open back up and customers start booking again, you want to be sure you’re top of mind for them.

You won’t have any new content during this time most likely, but you do have all of your past photos, video, and stories that you can start sharing with an audience. Also consider going Live on Instagram for new content. You can give users a virtual tour of your location if you can do it in a safe and legal way, or just talk with your audience about their dreams for traveling again. The important thing is to start building a following now, so when travel does resume bookers are going to come straight to you.

Q: How often to you recommend sending out an email blast?

A: You don’t want to send any one person more than one email a week. Any more than that and you risk becoming a nuisance and your audience tuning you out. However, if you’re segmenting your lists (dividing them into different groups based on factors like demographics, location, product type, etc.) then you may be sending multiple emails a week. But those will all be going to different people, so you’re not overwhelming a single contact. You want to balance staying top of mind, but also not being too pushy.

Q: Regarding going Live on Instagram, is it possible to keep it in my profile after 24 hours?

A: Yes you can keep your live story on your profile after 24 hours. To do this, navigate to your profile, and you’ll see a section called “Story Highlights.” There you can click the + button and you will be taken to all of your past stories and live videos. From that screen you can then add your live video and it will stay on your profile. Then, users can navigate to your profile and find that live video you hosted and watch it at any time.

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