You work hard to develop and optimize high-quality products. When you increase the commission rate as part of Viator Accelerate, you can finally pass on the heavy lifting to us. So, what does Viator Accelerate do to grow your product’s exposure?

Expanded Distribution:

Over 455 million global visitors use the Viator marketplace annually to search for the perfect experience. That’s a lot of high-intent purchasing power! We’re using Accelerate to connect this growing volume of visitors to the right products.

We also use our ever-growing partner network to promote Accelerate products. Accelerate products are shown across thousands of third-party sites, including airlines and hotel sites, and via over 100,000 travel agents eager to share our recommended experiences with their clients.

Exclusive Placements:

We introduced more ad placements for Viator Accelerate products as part of the recently launched enhancements. Promoted products now appear across even more high-traffic placements on the Viator marketplace, including on competitors’ product details pages and destination pages.

Accelerate ads will also appear in front of travelers when they view products in your category and destination. The more places a product appears, the more impressions that product receives and the higher the likelihood of receiving a booking.

Frictionless Connections:

Viator Accelerate uses data to remove the friction between high-intent travelers and the products they want to book. Traveler preferences and booking habits inform where we serve the ads for maximum impact. This translates into travelers spending less time searching before booking and more exposure to the Accelerate products that meet their needs.


Viator Accelerate is an easy way to get your high-quality products in front of the right customers at scale. See how our exclusive ad placements, vast distribution network, and traveler data can grow your business.

About the Author: Victoria O'Keefe

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