Booking management software, also known as a reservation system, empowers operators to manage and scale businesses of all sizes more efficiently. Not sure if one is right for you? We’ll share six ways a booking management software can simplify your workload and add time to your day.

As an experienced operator, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Many of you manage the administrative side of your business and run the experiences yourselves. You track expenses, hire staff, manage product availability, accept reservations, speak with customers, and so much more.

That’s where booking management software comes in. Booking management software is like hiring another employee who doesn’t sleep and increases productivity. They allow you to focus on what you do best—bringing your experiences to the global traveler.

Integrating booking management software into your administrative toolkit creates efficiency for your business. With the right booking management software, you can:

1. Manage product availability in one place

When you update availability in your booking management software, it will automatically update on Viator and other connected resellers. No more worrying about updating inventory in multiple places.

2. Track bookings across platforms

Manage all of your bookings from one place, whether from an OTA or your website. Bookings can be created or canceled in your booking management software and automatically updated throughout your connected platforms.

3. Streamline traveler communication

Use booking management software to communicate with your customers from one place- no more trying to keep track of multiple conversations across websites, chat apps, and email platforms. You’ll be better able to meet customers’ last-minute needs when you have their entire history with your company in one place and can respond promptly and with accurate information.

4. Capture last-minute bookings

Booking management software allows you to accept bookings around the clock. Since booking confirmation is automated, you won’t miss out on bookings from travelers in different time zones or last-minute bookings. Last-minute in-destination bookings are rising, and booking management software can help you capture them.

5. Consolidate administrative documentation

Paperwork can pile up when you use multiple systems to accept bookings and payments. A booking management software compiles and organizes that documentation for easy access. You’ll be able to find and pull the reports you need, such as financial statements and payroll documents,  with just a few clicks.

6. Make the software work for you

Every operator will have different preferences for their booking management software. If you’re the hands-on type that wants to control your Viator integrations and dive deep into reporting to help scale your business, there is booking management software that allows you to do so.

Suppose you’re looking to continue your current business operations but spend less time on the computer. A booking management software can handle the tasks you don’t want to deal with, like managing your availability across multiple channels.

The beauty of booking management software is that you control what aspects of your business you want the system to manage. You can use booking management software to handle the tasks that eat away at your time—and use the system’s power to unlock insights about your business.

Where to start

No business is too big or small to benefit from booking management software. As you research compatible systems, you will narrow in on the capabilities that matter to you and the pricing structure that makes the most sense for your business.

Start your research with Viator’s Top Connectivity Partners, booking management software vetted by Viator and meeting the highest performance standards. Once you’ve selected a booking management system, we’ll teach you all about connectivity, which refers to the efficiencies created when you directly connect a booking management system to your Viator account. You’ll soon discover that there are many more ways that these systems can simplify your workload!

Originally published October 9th, 2020, updated May 19th 2022

About the Author: Matt Ellis

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