What Kind Of Traveler Do You Want To Attract? Cater Your Experience Story To Your Desired Audience

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Understanding who your tour caters to will allow you to tell the best story to that audience. Are you attracting backpackers? Families? Millennials? Want to take locals far off the beaten path to lesser-known sites, or would you rather show incoming travelers the main attractions? Pick your audience (or multiple), then develop your story and make sure you (and your tour guides) know your stuff.

How To Sell Tours Online With Viator: Creating Activity Products & Attraction Tickets For Travelers To Book

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Get your tours and activities online with Viator, the world's leading marketplace for operators. Create a bookable product, which is your actual activity that travelers see when browsing things to do in your area. We’ll give you tips on how to write intriguing product titles and descriptions, use gorgeous photos, and setting your availability so that travelers have all the information they need to send you a booking.

Your Social Media Marketing & SEO Playbook For Peak Season

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Most travelers begin researching and planning their next trip between one and three months before departure. So how can you make sure you’re optimizing your peak season marketing strategy on social media and in search engines—two places where travelers are certainly looking for travel inspiration? These tips will help.

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