With Viator Accelerate, we’re always looking for new ways to create value for our operators. Most recently, we launched Promoted Search Ads to distribute millions more ad impressions to the highest-quality Accelerate products on the Viator platform.

As the Viator Accelerate program evolves, we want to make sure that you understand the changes and can continue making strategic decisions to achieve your business goals. 

In this post, we’ll review Viator Accelerate foundations, explain how our new Promoted Search Ads work, and show you how to make the most of Accelerate participation.

Ad Types

Currently, there are two types of Viator Accelerate ad placements*: Promoted Experiences Ads and Promoted Search Ads.

As a reminder, ad placements are the vehicle we use to deliver ad impressions. Think of each impression as an opportunity for travelers to discover your product and choose it for their next adventure. To learn more about ad impressions, read Understanding Ad Impressions.

To see how your products are benefiting from Viator Accelerate ad placements, we provide Total ad impressions in the Management Center. This figure is a combination of ad impressions a product earns from Promoted Experiences Ads and Promoted Search Ads (if eligible).

*This is subject to change with future product releases.

Promoted Experiences Ads

All Accelerate products appear in high-traffic Promoted Experiences ad placements across the Viator marketplace. These ads target active travelers where they’re most likely to make bookings, such as on competitor’s product pages and destination pages.

Examples of Promoted Experiences Ads:

Promoted Search Ads

The top Accelerate products in a destination are eligible for Promoted Search Ads, which are exclusive, high-visibility placements in travelers’ search results.

Promoted Search Ads appear at or near the top of the search page when travelers filter based on location or experience type. They are awarded in addition to Promoted Experience Ads, and together, the two placements maximize product exposure and bookability.


So, what kind of products unlock this game-changing placement? To determine eligibility for Promoted Search Ads, we carefully evaluate the top Accelerate products in a market across three criteria: popularity, credibility, and commission*.

Popularity and Credibility: We consider product popularity (number of bookings) and credibility (number of reviews) reliable indicators of product quality. We want travelers to trust that the products we promote are worth the booking!

Commission: A competitive Accelerate commission increases your chances of securing a top Promoted Search ad placement. We encourage all operators to adjust their commission to unlock this opportunity.

*Eligibility requirements are subject to change based on market conditions.

Examples of Promoted Search Ads:

Promoted Search Ads Example

More Placements, More Impressions, More Bookings 

Operators worldwide have used Viator Accelerate ad placements to expand their audiences and grow their businesses. Now, there are even more ad impressions available to help connect the excellent products to the right travelers. 

If you want to see your products in traveler search results and other high-traffic placements, keep investing in your product quality and checking on your Promoted Search ad eligibility. More visibility is within your reach!

About the Author: Victoria O'Keefe

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